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Why CoQ10 Is Essential To Health?

Coenzyme Q10 is essential in producing the energy needed for all cells, tissues and organs to function normally. Also called "ubiquinone", because of its ubiquitous nature (meaning "everywhere present"), CoQ10 is found in every living cell. Without CoQ10 in substantial amounts, we would die.

While naturally produced in the body, our CoQ10 levels decrease as a result of aging, environmental stress and nutrient-deficient foods. Our bodies need 60-100 mg daily to maintain health. When CoQ10 levels fall to 25 percent below normal, our organs may become energy deficient: when they fall below 75 percent, serious health problems may occur. Aging, post-menopausal women are often deficient in CoQ10 while cardiac patients are typically low in CoQ10 blood levels.

CoQ10 is a vital nutrient for supporting health - especially within the heart and cardiovascular system. Research indicates that ten times more CoQ10 is found in the heart than in any other part of the body, making the heart especially vulnerable to CoQ10 deficiencies.

  Clinical Research Validates CoQ10's Benefits  
  During the past twenty years, nine international conferences have been held on the biochemical aspects of CoQ10. More than 100 clinical studies at major universities and hospitals around the world have documented the effectiveness of CoQ10 in supporting healthy hearts, normal blood pressure and balanced cholesterol levels.*1  

  The Q-Gel® Solution: A Breakthrough In CoQ10 Supplementation  
  Most CoQ10 supplements are poorly absorbed by the body. In the past, supplying the body with enough CoQ10 through supplementation has proven difficult and costly, requiring the consumption of large quantities of tablets or capsules. Using ordinary brands, many patients did not experience positive benefits resulting in low patient compliance. Now NutriMedika provides the Q-Gel Solution: a Coenzyme Q10 formula proven to be three times more effective than other leading brands.

Q-Gel's patent pending BioSolv™ process technology improves CoQ10 absorption. The surface active agents in the BioSolv™ technology dramatically reduces the molecular size of CoQ10 and renders it virtually soluble in water ("hydrosoluble"). As a result, NutriMedika's formulation delivers more of this essential nutrient into the bloodstream, faster, and in the form that is ready available for the body to use. Human clinical studies show the Q-Gel formulation makes CoQ10 three times more bioavailable and three times more effective than conventional supplement forms. 2,3,4 This means that your patients can actually take less CoQ10 and receive greater benefits from it. Higher absorption and greater bioavailability mean faster results, better health and lower costs for your patients.



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