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Why do so many leading physicians choose NutriMedika products?
The "secret" is A.N.D.S. - Advanced Nutritional Delivery Systems. These breakthrough dosage forms enable NutriMedika supplements to provide optimal delivery of specific nutrients to the body, when and where they are most beneficial. That's why knowledgeable doctors use and endorse them. If you are searching for the most effective supplements, try NutriMedika's leading-edge nutritionals. See the difference that A.N.D.S can make.

  How does Q-Gel® compare to other forms of Coenzyme Q10?  
  Q-Gel provides 300%+ higher CoQ10 serum levels than conventional dosage forms.  

  How fast does Q-Gel® work?  
  At recommended dosages, Q-Gel achieves therapeutic levels of CoQ10 in three weeks or less  

  How does the cost of Q-Gel® compare to regular forms of CoQ10?  
  Q-Gel® costs substantially less than regular CoQ10 supplements, based on relative bioavailability. Q-Gel® works much faster than conventional forms of CoQ10 at significantly lower dosage levels.  

  Do you have to take Q-Gel® with meals?  
  No. Q-Gel® absorption is not affected by the composition of the diet or proximity to food intake.  

  Why is CoQ10 essential to your health?  
  Coenzyme Q10 is essential in producing the energy needed for all cells, tissues and organs to function normally. Also called 'ubiquinone", because of its ubiquitous nature (meaning "everywhere present"). CoQ10 is found in every living cell. Without CoQ10 in substantial amounts, we would die.  

  Has clinical research validated CoQ10's benefits?  
  Yes. More than 100 clinical studies at major universities and hospitals around the world have documented the effectiveness of CoQ10 in supporting healthy hearts, normal blood pressure and balanced cholesterol levels.*  


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*Biomedical and clinical aspects of Coenzyme Q, vol 4, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1984, pp 131-142.
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